Gypsy dating rules

17-Jul-2017 08:38

They are generally pulled from school around these ages and taught how to take care of the house and any other children in the family because their role in life is going to be that of a housewife, most of them don’t seem to get any choice in the matter.The weddings that the gypsy community plan are quite extravagant and usually based off a Disney wedding theme.ngagements and marriages are great and joyous events for the Roma, signifying the extension and continuation of the family.For this reason, they are accompanied by great celebrations.Well, before I start this story, I want to explain what a real gypsys life is like (the rules) and for safty reasons, every name will be changed. No friends, unless it's an other gypsy girl that's just a few.. Well the "No boyfriend" one is okay I guess but everyone breaks it.

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The outfits that they show the women, throughout the whole show are quite revealing but the sexual restrictions are also quite tough.The show itself focused around the gypsy weddings because they are some of the most elaborate ceremonies to be found and they are the one day in these women’s lives that they have for themselves.