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01-Nov-2017 13:00

Shodan — a company that describes itself as a search engine for Internet-connected devices — launched a tool last year that lets users access publicly available webcams all over the world. "This was launched in August 2015 and the various sources for screenshots have expanded since then — one of those recent additions is for webcams." Matherly calls Shodan the first search engine for the Internet of Things, pulling in data from anything connected to the Web.Recently, the company added freeze-framed images from those webcams, making browsing through people's public and private lives as easy as clicking through a Netflix catalog. The site has been used for, among other things, studying the popularity of HBO Go on Roku and producing a global map of industrial control systems, Matherly said.Building a website that makes money is a dream of many but a reality to few and I am one of the lucky few.I tried one money making method after another until I found the right ones to suit my websites.

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Just because you haven't seen an immediate and direct consequence from a corporate data breach or reported software vulnerability, it doesn't mean your life isn't being traded online.

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