Daniel craig fiona loudon dating

10-Jan-2018 22:50

Craig parted from his Los Angeles film producer fiancée, Satsuki Mitchell.

But it has not exactly gone down well with friends of 43-year-old Craig back home.

Rumours of a romance began in spring last year after they filmed Dream House, a thriller due out this autumn in which they play a married couple.

By November, Weisz and Aronofsky, her partner of nine years, had announced they had been separated for some months.

Could that be why Miss Weisz was so eager to become Mrs Craig?

While some of her circle in LA were letting it be known this week that the Japanese-American Miss Mitchell had stoically moved on, her father Christopher confessed to the Mail this week that her emotions remain very much on the raw side.She wondered if she'd ever meet anyone worthwhile, had a few boyfriends who didn't make the cut, but eventually ended up marrying James Bond (otherwise known as Daniel Craig)."I was often single and feeling alone in my twenties," said Weisz.